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Born in Buffalo, New York, Bob and Terri  Skurzewski are lifetime residents of Western New York and are members of Dreaming In Ink, a Western New York writers' group.


Bob writes about Buffalo broadcasting and related music of the 1950s to the 1963-pre-British Invasion. He collects vinyl records and interviews and researches many of the artists and radio broadcasters of that time. He's written for numerous music-related magazines.


Featured in "Oldies Stations Get Back in the Groove" (Anthony Violanti, Mar. 19, 2003), and "Oldies on the Ariwaves - Gone but Not Forgotten" (Andrew Z. Galarneau, Apr. 30, 2006), in The Buffalo News (Buffalo, New York), Bob's also been a guest on several local radio programs, addressing subjects of local artists, DJs, radio stations, record values and record collecting. He is a past member of the Buffalo Broadcast Pioneers and the Buffalo Music Hall of Fame and has contributed airchecks for PBS station WNED-TV's (Buffalo, NY) program/fundraiser, "Don't Touch that Dial" (December 2010). His monthly email newsletter is distributed to local and national broadcasters, active musicians, record collectors, and music fans, reaching individuals in at least ten states and two other countries.



A retired secretary from a cancer research institute, Terri writes for adults and young readers. Her op-ed “Telemarketers Intrude No Matter Where We Go” was published by The Buffalo News, My View column (July 2007). Her short story, “My First Call,” is about checking off an item from her bucket list. It describes her initial experience as a movie extra in a made-for-TV production and was a writing contest winner. It was subsequently published by Pilcrow & Dagger (Sept. 2015). Along with her husband, Terri co-authored NO STOPPIN’ THIS BOPPIN’ - LET THE GOOD TIMES ROLL (2015), a retrospective look at Rock & Roll music and Top 40 radio in Buffalo from 1950 – 1963. It’s based on a series of interviews with insiders who happily shared their tales of Buffalo and Western New York’s radio broadcasting history. The interviewees included station owners and programmers, disc jockeys, musicians, band managers, and local performing artists.

Terri now fills her days with writing, reading, gardening, and crafting. She’s the moderator of Dreaming In Ink, w writers' support group. She’s a wife, mother, and grandmother whose favored exercise program is Tai Chi. She also loves sponge candy and turtles, the confectionary - not the animal. Feel free to email her at Terri.Skurzewski@gmail.com. She loves hearing from her readers.